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Featured Project: Salero Bahrain, The Westin City Centre

Located in The Westin hotel, Salero Bahrain is a vibrant yet relaxed Spanish restaurant where diners can experience classic dishes from the open kitchen while enjoying live entertainment. Internationally acclaimed design studio LXA developed the design journey for the restaurant, which sees an atmospheric but practical lighting solution implemented throughout the space.

Lighting Design Bright Vivid Restaurant Entrance Salero Bahrain The Westin City Centre Bahrain Consultants Studio N

Lighting Design Bright Vivid Spanish Restaurant Interior Wall Artwork Decorative Rattan Pendant Lights Salero Bahrain The Westin Consultants Studio N

Lighting Design Spanish Restaurant Open Kitchen Rattan Ceiling Pendant Lights Consultants Studio N

Large illuminated rattan baskets hover above the restaurant to form one of many eye-catching features. To achieve the subtle floating effect and wash of ambient lighting, linear LED flex strips were carefully concealed within the internal edge of each basket.

Stylish yet functional track lighting is suspended from the exposed ceiling and between the decorative rattan baskets. Each light has a high-quality LED source with a high Colour Rendering Index (CRI) to ensure that the delicious Spanish dishes and colourful interior details always look their best. Narrow beam angles provide direct functional lighting onto the dining tables and avoid unnecessary light spill and glare.

Striking artworks, vibrant colours and different textures grace the walls of the restaurant and it was essential to showcase these details. This was achieved by using concealed linear wall grazers to create a wash of illumination across the surfaces, along with a play of light and shadow. Integrated linear accent lighting within the bottle displays also draws the eye of diners through the space, while at the same time creating a subtle glow around the restaurant.

A lighting control system (DALI) is a crucial part of the design solution, allowing staff members to modify the restaurant space as and when required. Individual luminaires can be addressed and different lighting scenes created, depending on the desired atmosphere or time of day.

Designer: LXA | Fitout: Havelock One Interiors | Lighting Design: Studio N | Lighting Supplier: Acoulite | Credit: Salero Bahrain & The Westin City Centre Bahrain

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