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Featured Project: Moda by Nayomi, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

With a design concept called ‘Girl in the City’, Moda’s new retail store in Aziz Mall, Jeddah, provides a modern, stylish shopping environment. The interior design evokes a busy street-style scene and is complemented by an inviting lighting scheme that puts a strong focus on the merchandise. 

Architectural Lighting Design Contemporary Retail Store Concentric Illuminated Ceiling Feature Moda by Nayomi Store Jeddah Consultants Studio N

Retail Lighting Scheme Stylish Contemporary Store Layered Illumination Coves Track Lighting Circular Ceiling Centrepiece Consultants Studio N

To bring out the colours of the fabrics and materials used by the designer, extremely efficient high-output LED track lighting with a high Colour Rendering Index (CRI) was installed. To minimise the visual appearance and retain a clean ceiling layout, the track and spotlights are hidden within gypsum coves.

The spotlights have a narrow beam that focuses light directly onto the merchandise and avoids any unnecessary light spill, while creating visual contrast between the circulation zones and product displays. Each fitting also has a deep reflector to ensure that there is minimal glare, providing visual comfort for clients.

Around the perimeter of the store and within the ceiling, flexible LED strip lights are concealed in coves to create a comfortable ambiance and add a layer of indirect illumination. This lighting technique is also used within the inner circle of the concentric ceiling feature, whereas the outer rings house recurring recessed spotlights. The striking central feature not only looks fantastic, it also draws the eye of passers-by into the store.

Interior Designer: Ninth Space | Fitout: Umdasch The Storemakers | Lighting Design: Studio N | Lighting Supplier: Ansorg | Images: Umdasch

If you’d like to know more about the importance of good lighting design within retail environments take a look at our blog post, Retail Lighting Design: The Basics.

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