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Featured Project: Saudi Arabia Ministry of Tourism

With its headquarters in Riyadh, the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Tourism has undergone a transformation designed with “Wanderlust” as the overarching concept. Created by AAID, the interior design draws inspiration from the 13 regions of Saudi Arabia and celebrates its rich landscapes, heritage and cultural habitats.

Our lighting solution enhances the modern interiors and supports the agile working environment present throughout. The focus of the team was to highlight the textured materiality and applaud the vibrant colours within each of the three buildings that make up the ministry.

Creating a sense of motion and playing on the theme of travel, each of the building’s corridors are tunnels of light, transporting users from one space to another. Lines of light form an arch that hugs the borders of the corridor – subtly integrated into the outer edges of the columns, the linear illumination is equidistant and immersive.

Welcoming VIPs into the building is a feature ceiling inspired by a desert rose found in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Provinces. Integrated linear light sits concealed between the layered formation – glowing with warm illumination the installation delivers a moment of splendour.

The reception of the VIP area is another subtly illuminated nod to the country’s sand swept landscape – a backdrop representing Mada’in Saleh the rock-carved monuments found in the vast desert. The carved wall holds light that emanates from each ‘monument’ gently illuminating every edge.

Another region represented is the stepped Faifa Mountains of Jazan and the rich greenery of Al Baha. An open atrium showcasing biophilic design is basked in natural light as cascading greenery and step features are supplemented with integrated linear lines of light that guide users through the space.

The dramatic lift lobby represents the renowned desert cliffs found in the rocky northwest. Light spills from hidden sources of linear light in the ceiling, the curved opening allows light to graze the ridges carved into the locally sourced Saudi limestone, echoing the effect of natural daylight that falls on the rock face in the desert itself.

The workspaces are located in a zone that reflects the Red Sea. Linear light integrated into a suspended decorative ceiling trays follows the line of the red carpet underneath, defining the space and providing a comfortable level of illumination for the desks below.

We’re proud to have been a part of this considered and innovative project and to have helped in creating numerous spaces that reflect Saudi Arabia’s extraordinary nature and culture.

Architecture and Interior Design: AAID | Lighting Design: Studio N | Ministry Design Guardian: Designlab Experience

Winner of The Best Use of Interior Lighting Design at the Commercial Interior Design Award: Saudi 2023.

Winner in the Workplace Lighting Design category at the Lit Awards 2023.


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