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Featured Project: EL&N

EL&N has opened its doors in Dubai, and we couldn’t be more excited to get involved with this hip and chic Instagrammable café and brand. It was our job to illuminate the café’s infamous pink interiors and flower adorned walls – creating the perfect setting for those iconic social media snaps.

Upon entering the vibrant café visitors are immediately greeted by an illuminated striped central bar with EL&N lettering brightly glowing at a cool colour temperature, ensuring each letter stands out against the colourful surroundings. Unmissable and framing the bar is a series of pink neon artwork, each with a dazzling glow to cement the tone of the café – bright and bold.

The standout feature of the café is the installation of decorative pink chains and integrated lighting that sits above the bar. The chains hang from the ceiling depicting flowers and hearts and are highlighted with directional red spotlights and linear light that follows the flower formation, emphasising the floral outline.

Vertically suspended tube lights provide general illumination to the bar area, as well as provide a fun, decorative feature within the installation, adding to the visual aesthetic of café. Recessed neon strip lights frame the feature, emanating from the bar like rays of sunshine, casting a glow that highlights the walkways below.

The café hosts a range of decorative lighting consisting of neon signage and illuminated globes, a functional yet playful lighting response that adheres to the lively design aesthetic EL&N oozes – never forgetting to facilitate that ever sought-after picture-perfect moment.

Interior Design: Nikki Bisiker Interior Design | Lighting Design: Studio N | Project Management: North 51 Consulting

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