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Featured Project: Renowned Private Banking Confidential Client

A renowned investment banking company has opened an executive office space in Laysen Valley, Saudi Arabia, offering wealth management services to the region. We were tasked with developing a welcoming yet motivating commercial lighting scheme to aid productivity in the workplace.

Adjustable downlights, evenly punctuated in a linear fashion, generate uniform illumination in the reception area, establishing a clean and bright aesthetic. Planted elements have been interspersed with versatile orb luminaires that subtly glow amongst the green foliage, providing visual intrigue.

Open workspaces and breakout areas required a task-orientated approach. Integrated downlights provide general illumination, whilst adjustable cove lighting and decorative pendant lights suspended above workstations cooperate to generate a comfortable working environment.

Lighting schemes in each of the meeting rooms consist of a combination of linear profiles, downlights and wall lights that ensure varied light levels, adjustable to accommodate the user’s requirements. The lighting solution in the conference room has been integrated with an audio-visual system to ensure a collaborative and focused atmosphere.

Comfortable light levels were paramount to the client in order to support employee wellbeing, and so intuitive control systems have been implemented throughout to afford occupants complete command and flexibility of the lighting. Energy efficiency was also key, and so intelligent lighting was employed to automatically adjusts for users, including presence and occupy sensors, to help save energy.

Interior Design: Bluehouse Group | Lighting Design: Studio N | Lighting Supplier: Acoulite | Fit out: KPS | Project Management: Turner & Townsend | Photographer: Pierre Zabbal 

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