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Featured Project: 42 Midtown

42 Midtown brings a taste of New York to Dubai. The lively bar and year-round terrace are framed by art-deco interiors, echoing the chic style of the city that never sleeps.

Sitting within Zabeel House The Greens, an exclusive boutique hotel by Jumeirah, the contemporary restaurant is the latest hospitality venue to open in the lifestyle complex. The lighting scheme for 42 Midtown was subtle and integrated, catering to the functional needs of the restaurant and designed to enhance the ambiance and laid-back glamour of the space.

Employed as a design feature as well as illumination; integrated light filters through a bar of textured glass, generating an orange glow that accentuates the open plan kitchen, setting a warm and welcoming tone. Dark decorative pendants are suspended above the bar, providing task-lighting for chefs whilst reinforcing the relaxed atmosphere.

Strategically positioned track and spot lighting runs throughout the restaurant, with fully adjustable can fixtures arranged to illuminate the tables underneath, pinpointing the materiality of the furnishing.

Decorative pendants suspended above a series of booths generate a soft glow that creates a sense of intimacy. Integrated linear light bathes the floor, following the curvature of each booth, adding to the indirect illumination that gives patrons an impression of privacy.

An art deco bar of marble and green tiling, washed by an integrated line of light adds a pop of colour to the restaurant. Minimalist pendants suspended evenly above the bar coincide with seating and generate an easy flow, inviting guests to relax and socialise in the expressions of light.

Interior design: Keane | Photography: Courtesy of Jumeirah 

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