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Featured Project: OQ Trading

OQ Trading have opened a new office in DIFC, Dubai, presenting a sophisticated space interwoven with themes of movement and energy set by international design practice AAID. Fluid architectural features and functional yet lively interiors blend to establish a collaborative workplace.

Refined luminaires result in a thoughtful lighting design, illuminating the natural materials to complement the design narrative. Contrasting levels of light create spaces conducive to a productive working or relaxing social environment depending on the setting.

A standout component of the lighting scheme is a sleek contour of white light that weaves its way along corridors. The flow of light seamlessly aids transition, acting as a current that pulls occupants with an energising fluidity as they move from space to space.

Dynamism is interspersed with comfort in the office reception as the curved edges of a layered ceiling coffer emit a soft glow whilst framing a series of illuminated cylindrical pendants.

Recessed downlights are immersed in deep coves in the meeting rooms and communal areas. This element of uniformity adds a comfortable layer of ambient light to encourage interaction and promote productivity.

In the open-plan work area, a minimal lighting solution has been designed to balance with the natural light that pours through the floor to ceiling windows. A series of ceiling cans and suspending linear light hover above workstations to provide functional illumination and offset the glare from surrounding screens.

Interior Design: AAID | Supplier: Acoulite | Photographer: Chris Goldstraw

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