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Featured Project: Opso

The highly anticipated reopening of Opso, an exclusive restaurant in Fashion Avenue, Dubai Mall, required an exceptional redesign in order to create the indulgent and experiential narrative set by the client, Al Rafid Gourmet.

Bishop Design set about transforming Opso’s identity by creating a ‘versatile day-to-night destination’ and so the lighting scheme was designed to aid this transition, balancing light and dark along with the refined materiality of the restaurant.

A celestial tunnel of fibre optic light acts as a visual portal that draws guests into the immersive restaurant. The ceiling sparkles as each luminaire creates a starry effect, captivating guests with a dazzling display.

The dark tones of the reception area are enhanced by recessed downlights with narrow beams that punch light down onto the surface of the bar. Integrated linear lighting washes the highly textured façade creating an amber tonality and a striking focal point. Joinery lighting shines down on the shelving suspended above the counter, highlighting the sleek metalwork that contrasts with the materiality beneath.

The dining area required a cohesive but versatile lighting scheme, one that was synonymous with the bold and contrasting interiors, comfortably transitioning from a family dining space in the day to asleek and experiential nightspot. A combination of indirect cove lighting and joinery lighting balanced with integrated media screens ensures adaptable light levels, fulfilling the demands of the space and setting a vibrant tone.

The architectural features of the atmospheric Shisha bar were elevated by moving gobos, playful media screens and another dynamic fibre optic ceiling. Focused downlights illuminate tables below, whilst layers of integrated linear light give contrast to create an altogether immersive and interactive lounge ambience.

The Shisha lounge, complete with a DJ booth, has been infused with hypnotising laser beams designed to interact with the plumes of smoke emitted by the shisha pipes. From afternoon, to evening, to night, this space has been completely reimagined, where the combination of playful lighting and luxurious interiors create an exclusive ambiance.

Interior Design: Bishop Design | Client: Al Rafid Gourmet | Photography Credit: Alex Jeffries Photography Group

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