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Featured Project: Oliver Wyman, Abu Dhabi

Management consultancy, Oliver Wyman, have opened new offices in Abu Dhabi, and we were tasked with developing an architectural lighting design scheme to seamlessly supplement the warm and adaptable interior design set by Roar.

The combination of Roar’s signature playfulness and Oliver Wyman’s neutral tones created an agile yet comfortable office space. Exposed ceilings, interspersed with a textured material overlay required an integrated lighting design solution that provides functional levels of illumination for day-to-day tasks, whilst complying with the natural light that pours through the periphery glazing.

Track and spot fixtures have been positioned throughout the open spaces for general illumination. The diffused light generates uniformity, complementing the earthy tones set by the soft furnishings and textured upholstery in areas such as the reception area and hot-desking spaces.

Meeting rooms have been technically considered, each tailored with vertical illumination to brighten walls that hold screens in order to minimise contrast ratio. Scene setting focuses on lowering the brightness of downlights but raising that of the supporting decorative elements, providing functional light levels that sufficiently illuminate the faces of those using the screen for calls.

The ‘Staff Hub’ and boardrooms are designed to suit a variety of collaborative scenarios. Roar designed each area to enable optimum comfort and productivity and so the lighting scheme consists of a dynamic arrangement of flexible spotlights that can be adjusted to illuminate any point within the space.

Architecture and design: Roar | Lighting Design: Studio N | Lighting Supplier: Solas Lighting | Fit out: INC Group | Project Management: Savills | Photography credit: Chris Goldstraw and Yasser Photography

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