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Featured Project: Bain & Company Middle East

Bain & Company opened their new office in Dubai earlier this year and we were asked to develop a lighting scheme that seamlessly integrates with the concepts and development by AAID, Turner and Townsend and Al Tayer Stocks.

Designed around Bain & Company’s core brand identity, we developed an integrated and sophisticated lighting arrangement to supplement the modern commercial space whilst highlighting the unique design elements featured throughout.

One of those elements, a red band of colour signifying the meandering Khor Dubai river, flows through the entirety of the office space. Sleek surface mounted adjustable luminaires frame the line of red creating a run of warmth that connects each space and generates a sense of continuity whilst illuminating the experience-rich interiors beneath.

Breakout areas and communal workspaces are washed by discreet linear LED fittings that have been recessed at intervals between ceiling slats, also in Bain & Co branded colours, to provide a conducive working environment.

Unique formations of linear light hover above workstations, casting distinctive expressions of light whilst adding subtle character to the corporate aesthetics. Diffused linear light in each of the meeting rooms succeed in creating a uniform quality of light that offers functional levels to suit the needs of each space.

Staff dining areas are interspersed with subtle white pendants and a curved LED feature that drifts through the space, the composition of direct and indirect lighting creates a relaxing atmosphere for users to unwind away from their desks.

Architecture and Interior Design: AAID | Lighting Design: Studio N | Lighting Supplier: Acoulite | Project Management: Turner & Townsend | Photography Credit: Chris Goldstraw

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