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Featured Project: Mosque of Light (Gargash Mosque), Dubai

The Mosque of Light is a place of worship that is minimal yet stunning. Designed by Dabbagh Architects, the clean lines and contemporary architecture inspired the lighting design solution, which marries with controlled natural light and beautiful materials and finishes to create a space that is inviting and tranquil.

Architectural Lighting Contemporary Mosque Prayer Hall Design Consultants Dubai Studio N

Architectural Lighting Design Contemporary Gargash Mosque Exterior Dubai Consultants Studio N

Lighting Design Solution Contemporary Mosque Exterior White Stone Facade Geometric Shapes Calligraphy Consultants Studio N

Inside the prayer hall, concealed cove lighting within narrow openings emphasises the depth and height of the space, whilst creating a sense of natural illumination. The vertical walls are washed with light and the minbar subtly accentuated.

The pale tone of the interior walls and ceiling allow the lighting to be reflected to create a soft glow within the space – this low contrast effect is soothing to the eye and increases overall light levels. Backlighting behind the mihrab creates a gentle glow that draws attention to the direction of prayer. Supporting minimal downlights have been used in corridors to provide general uniform lighting.

In the open courtyard, light is projected upwards to illuminate the perforated golden canopy. The effect creates an inviting warmth within the holistic white structure and is complemented by the reflective surface of the courtyard water feature.

Triangular patterns are prominent throughout the mosque and this design language continues outside on the facade, alongside Quranic verses that wrap around the exterior. The lighting design highlights this intricate detailing through recessed narrow linear grazers. Located along the periphery, the uplighting creates a beautiful play of light and shadow across the carved detailing of the walls, as well as creating an illusion that the structure is floating.

To accentuate the architectural detailing of the minaret, rings of linear lighting grace the slender tower. At the top, the geometrical pattern of the caller balcony is illuminated internally to ensure it stands out. The dome is also highlighted with a wash of illumination that not only accentuates the architecture but also mimics daylight spilling through the triangles carved within the structure.

Designer: Dabbagh Architects | Lighting Design: Studio N | Lighting Supplier: Huda Lighting | Photography: Gerry O’Leary

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