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Featured Project: Al Zain Jewellery, City Centre Bahrain

The interior design for this newly remodelled jewellery store in City Centre Bahrain mall is both elegant and contemporary, reflecting the brand’s ethos and fine jewellery. Throughout the luxurious retail space the lighting complements the interior while making sure the customer’s eye is always drawn to the merchandise on display.

Lighting Design Luxury Retail Al Zain Jewellery Boutique Client Lounge Seating Display Cases Studio N

Architectural Lighting Design Retail Jewellery Store Al Zain Bahrain Integrated Cabinet Illumination Studio N

The lighting strategy consists of three key layers of illumination. The first includes low glare spotlights with a high Colour Rendering Index (CRI) that provide bright, uniform lighting across the floor space. The second is concealed accent lighting within wall joinery that has been carefully integrated to highlight select wall finishes. ​Last but not least is the lighting inside the display cases and counters – a main focus of the overall design. Here the illumination is purposely concealed and minimal to provide visual comfort and not take away from the products, yet it makes the jewellery sparkle and creates the brightest point of contrast, which naturally attracts the attention of customers.

A key requirement of the lighting design was to comply with the brand’s guidelines and shopping mall standards of 1000 Lux (minimum) and 4000K throughout. The end result is a lighting scheme that meets the requirements, provides the perfect level of harmony between functional and display case lighting, and complements the interior design and, most importantly, the beautiful jewellery.

Client: Al Zain Jewellery | Interior Designer: Umdasch The Store MakersLighting Designer: Studio N

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